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My Story

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My personal experience with body wraps and massage therapy came after suffering a compound fracture to my femur.  Sure, I had massages before but never for the intention of helping to heal my body.   I just wanted to relax.  During visits with my physical therapist, she used techniques to help loosen scar tissue and increase circulation to specific parts of my leg that were requiring more attention.  While it was uncomfortable at times, the results were amazing!  She suggested I book regular massage to help further my results.  Taking her advice, I saw an even greater improvement in my range of motion.

Reading the paper one morning, I came across an ad for body wraps and their ability to draw toxins from the body.  I had been searching for something to treat my skin as it was suffering from the pharmaceuticals used for my recovery and rehabilitation.  My skin was rough and would flake off in large pieces.  I was so embarrassed.  After my first wrap, I noticed a considerable change in the appearance and texture of my skin.  It felt soft and silky and the dry patches were hardly noticeable.  My scar tissue was softer as well.  In addition to the changes in my skin, I had lost 7 ½ inches!  I continued using both massage therapy and body wraps as compliments to my Physician’s care during my healing process.

This whole ordeal made quite an impression on me and I began reevaluating my path in life.  I soon left the world of corporate sales and went back to school to acquire training and certification to become a licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker.  I have been blessed to be able to learn and work with some amazing people along the way and I’m excited to be able to offer my skills and experience to the community.